Standard stage setup
Photo by Ingeborg Martens


Fuzzy Love can be, like, very fussy if the beer is too warm, the wine is too cold,
or any of the following items have been forgotten...


- STAGE: at least 3m x 5m (can be 2x4 if necessary), 30-50 cm above floor
- Sound technician
3 vocal microphones (Shure SM58)
- 1 Vocal Reverb Unit
- 5 microphones for percussion (condensor - preferably Audio Technica Pro-35's)
- Mike stands for all microphones plus 2 extra mike stands boom style.
- 3 D-I boxes (passive)
- XLR connections to mixer for 9 inputs. Also supply 9 XLR cables.
- 4 stage monitor speakers (3 if necessary)
- Standard PA system with mixer, equaliser
- 2 Extension cords to plug in the organ and Theremin on stage
- At least 4 to 8 stage lights with dimmers and coloured gels.
- 1 slide projector + projection surface above and behind stage if possible