"As the exclusive house band in Schmalzwald, Berlin's trashiest glam-land, Gordon Monahan, JJ Jones and Gordon W. played their way deep into the hearts of kitsch-pop fans everywhere. No other band in this musical niche universe has ever so poignantly created such caricatured and simultaneously serious versions of the greatest hits of all time." (Zitty, weekly Berlin program magazine)

"In the end, what the music lover holds in his hands is surely something oily, albeit first-class recycling material, delivered passionately by a Hammond organ, drum machine, bongos, and a singer whose voice sounds so lovely and clear as though God himself had created His own choirboy for sunny Sunday afternoons." (Die Welt, daily German newspaper)

"The rhythmic foundation is beaten out by master chef Gordon W., El Gordo providing the velvet electricity in chord progressions on his organ, and singer and sequin lover JJ Jones not just singing, but exhaling the lyrics into the microphone. The ensuing disharmonies are a perfectly calculated compendium for this unique brand of "irritainment." Although this form of artistic expression can be painful to the eyes, ears, and gums of some, it seeks not to cause harm, proven by its long-gathering hoard of admirers." (Frankfurter Allgemeine, daily German newspaper)